Interlibrary Loans

  • Interlibrary loan services are free to current University students, staff, and faculty
  • Use these services to obtain items from other libraries

  • Retirees, alumni, and community borrowers are not eligible for this service
  • Use the online RACER form to request items
  • At the RACER login, enter the barcode on your student/staff card as the login and your last name (lower case) as your password
  • When you complete an article request using the RACER form, you will be emailed a link to an electronic copy of the requested article, if licensing permits

  • If you do not find the item you are seeking, choose "Blank Request Form" and complete the form
  • Read more about the RACER service for Ontario universities from Scholars Portal
  • Learn more about the Canadian University Reciprocal Borrowing agreement