Finding Electronic Newspapers and Newspaper Articles


Primo includes a large collection of electronic newspaper articles:

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  • Click on "newspaper articles" in the left menu under "Refine My Results"

Subscription Newspaper Databases


  • Coverage: varies with each publication
  • A full text database of the newspapers, magazines and journals of the alternative and independent press

Canadian Newsstand

  • Coverage: varies with each publication (most papers exclude the last 2 days, some exclude the last 7 days)

National papers in database:

  • Globe and Mail
  • National Post
  • Toronto Star

Local papers in database:

  • Guelph Mercury
  • Tribune (Guelph)
  • Cambridge Times
  • Hamilton Spectator
  • Dundas Star News
  • Flamborough Review
  • Stoney Creek News

Ethnic NewsWatch

  • A full text database of the newspapers, magazines, and journals of the ethnic, minority, and native press
  • Coverage: 1990 to present

  • Coverage varies by newspaper
  • Features Canadian and European news in the French language as well as Canadian news in the English language


  • Please log out when you finish searching; only a limited number of simultaneous users may access this database
  • Coverage: varies by publication — updated daily
  • Browse headlines and text of over 118 magazines and newspapers from 18 countries
  • Includes the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the KW Record, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Financial Times, and the South China Morning Post

Historical Newspaper Databases


Globe and Mail, Canada's Heritage from 1844

  • Coverage: from 1844 — excludes current 4 years
  • Searchable full-text coverage of:
    • Events in Canadian history
    • Thousands of images
    • Advertisements
    • Classifieds
    • Political cartoons
    • Birth and death notices


19th Century Masterfile

  • Coverage: 19th Century; some coverage back to 1786 to 1922
  • Nineteenth and early twentieth century periodicals and newspapers
  • Newspaper indices include:
    • New York Times Index
    • New York Daily Tribune Index
    • Palmers Index to the Times
    • Index to the Oregon Spectator

New York Times Historical Database

  • Coverage: 1851 — excludes current 3 years.
  • Full-text and full-image articles
  • Find news, editorials, letters to the editor, obituaries, birth and marriage announcements, historical photos, stock photos, and advertisements


17th -18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers

  • Includes newspapers, pamphlets, and books gathered by the Reverend Charles Burney (1757 -1817)
  • Most comprehensive collection of early English newspapers in the world ( 1 million pages and nearly 1,270 titles from the British Isles and colonies)

19th century British Library Newspapers

  • Part 1: selected by the British Library to best represent nineteenth century Britain
  • Includes national and regional newspapers, as well as those from both established country or university towns and the new industrial powerhouses of the manufacturing Midlands, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales
  • Includes newspapers which highlighted political or social movements such as Reform, Chartism, and Home Rule
  • Includes the penny papers aimed at the working and clerical classes
  • Part 2: Includes 22 additional titles. Two London newspapers, The Standard and the Morning Post, represent conservative opinion and balance the liberal, left-of-centre or radical publications in Part 1

Times Digital Archive

  • Coverage: 1785 to 1985, full text
  • Includes complete pages of The Times London from 1785 to 1985
  • The Times is regarded as the most authoritative medium for political, legal, business and social news
  • Includes advertising, book reviews, and obituaries.

The Scotsman

  • Coverage: 1817-1950, full text.
  • Find significant moments in the history of Scotland
  • Discover if your Scottish ancestors appear in the news, births, marriages, and deaths notices

Finding Newspapers on Microfilm

Our newspaper collection on microfilm is available on the 4th floor of the Library.

Learn more about our print newspaper collection.