Publishing & Author Support

We offer individual consultations and group support for the publishing process. We can help you understand your rights as an author (including moral rights and copyright), select an appropriate publication option, and negotiate your contracts.

The publishing process is complex and ever-evolving. Researchers have more choices about publication formats and venues, but they also have new obligations and rights to consider. Traditional publishing models may require the signing over of author’s rights to the publisher. Authors could lose the right to use their work in future research, share work freely with others, self-archive work, or post it to their personal website. Being informed is necessary for scholars to retain control over their work.

The Library can help authors with:

  • Identifying and choosing a journal (or alternative publication format) in which to publish
  • Understanding the differences (and advantages/disadvantages) between traditional publishing models and open scholarship support, including self-archiving
  • Understanding copyright from the perspective of an author and your rights as an author (including why you would want to retain those rights)
  • Points that you should negotiate with publishers in order to protect your author rights
  • Identifying and working with progressive publishers (those that allow authors to retain their copyright)

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