Open Access Journal Hosting

The Library maintains an Open Journal System, a platform which maintains, stores, and automates the publishing process for online, open access journals. The University of Guelph Library currently hosts fifteen open access journals through our Open Journal System:

  • African Journal of Teacher Education
  • Canadian Society of Landscape Architects
  • Critical Studies in Improvisation
  • Critical Voices: The University of Guelph Book Review Project
  • CSL Leadership Review
  • da Vinci's Notebook
  • Footnotes
  • Guelph Ichthyology Reviews
  • International Review of Scottish Studies
  • Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library and Information Science Practice and Research
  • Recreation and Society in Africa, Asia, and Latin America
  • Review of Higher Education in Africa
  • Studies by Undergraduate Researchers at Guelph
  • Synergies Canada
  • Teaching and Learning Innovations

Open Access Publishing Benefits

Benefits to open access publishing include:

  • Maximized impact of work
  • Retention of rights to work
  • Global distribution and exposure of work
  • Cross-disciplinary readership
  • Increased opportunities for collaboration
  • Faster turnaround time between submission and publication
  • Preservation of work
  • Support of sustainable scholarly communications

If you're interested in hosting an online, open-access journal in the Open Journal System, please Ask Us for more information.

Other Open Access Journal Hosting Initiatives

Spearheaded by the Université de Montréal, the Synergies project brings together a consortium of 21 university partners to provide a portal for open-access Humanities and Social Science research in Canada. The project consists of five centres acting as regional digital publication service centres. Materials to be deposited include journals, books, theses, preprints, and research reports as well as images and raw data.

Synergies uses a cost-effective public/not-for-profit partnership to maximize knowledge dissemination.

The Ontario synergies regional centre provides a range of services:

  • OJS hosting for journals including initial set up of journals and ongoing training and support
  • Integration of Synergies online journals into Scholars Portal
  • Repository and conference support services via the DSpace and OCS platforms respectively
  • Provision of back-file digitization services