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Collaborative Futures is Coming to University of Guelph

The Canadian consortium has collections representing more than 18 million records 

Collaborative Futures is an initiative developed by the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) that focuses on using a shared approach to distributing print and electronic resources. U of G's McLaughlin Library is one of the 13 Ontario university libraries that are participating in this new venture.

Rebecca Graham, university librarian at U of G is also the chair of the Collaborative Futures Steering Committee. "OCUL has a long tradition of collaboration in the development and provisioning of shared services, most notably of Scholars Portal, OCUL's shared digital infrastructure for journals, books, and research data," said Graham. 

OCUL has recently announced the decision to work with vendor Ex Libris to implement Alma and Primo solutions. As part of TUG (Tri-Universities Group including Waterloo and Laurier libraries) U of G is currently using Primo as the library search interface so the experience will not be dramatically different when Collaborative Futures is introduced in early 2020.

"Collaborative Futures will immediately enhance access to the collections of universities across the province and make the process of obtaining those resources far less labour-intensive and more intuitive for our users. We will also be able to leverage the expertise of libraries across the province to enhance services and collections, and, by eliminating a lot of duplicated effort, re-focus local resources and skills in ways that were not possible previously," said Doug Horne, U of G project lead and Chair of the Collaborative Futures Shared Policy Working Group.

Visit the OCUL website for more information about Collaborative Futures.