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eBook Report

In August 2013, the Library formed the Ebook Strategy Working Group in order to develop a framework of understanding in order to guide decision making in the selection, acquisition, access, and user experience of ebooks at the UG Library.  The scope of the project included:

  • All aspects of ebooks acquisition, including selection strategies
  • Electronic resources management (ERM) of ebooks
  • Discovery and user experience of ebooks
  • Preservation of ebooks

In order to accomplish this, we examined our current processes for the selection, acquisition and management of ebooks, surveyed recent literature, examined usage statistics, investigated the business models of ebook providers, and conducted a qualitative study of student use of ebooks.

It is our hope that the recommendations provided in this report will enable the Library to:

  • Increase access to and usability of ebooks for our users
  • Make more informed decisions when selecting ebooks
  • create more efficient workflows
  • Have a common understanding about ebooks among UG Library staff
  • Provide feedback to vendors regarding preferred business models and platform and format usability
  • Ensure digital preservation of ebooks
  • Improve communication with our users about ebooks

View the full report (PDF - 2mb).

For more information about the project please contact Pam Jacobs at pjacobs@uoguelph.ca.