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Library Master Space Plan Update

For the past 18 months, the library has been working closely with the architectural firm, Cannon Design International, to create a library master space plan.  Currently, 93% of the study space on campus is found in the library and the project aimed to find creative ways to add more seating, various types of study spaces, increase access to infrastructure, modernize the building and add collaborative and exhibit spaces. 

The library’s master space planning project (PDF 17.6MB) was highly consultative and included participation from students, faculty and staff.  These contributions informed architectural decisions. The planning phase of the project is now complete and a full report outlining all major library upgrades has been published. Enhancements to the McLaughlin Library, informed by the planning project, will be apparent as early as September 2014.  

“The first of two major projects include the conversion of the Forster Room to a full service Starbucks Café with comfortable seating,” said Kelly Bertrand, Chair of the Master Space Planning Working Group. “The second is the building of a Multipurpose Room on the second floor which marks the beginning of the Archives Renovation and Expansion and will be funded in large part from donations, in particular the Bob Whitelaw gift.”

The Starbucks Café is the result of a partnership with Hospitality Services and is scheduled to open in time for the beginning of the fall semester. Key goals are to maximize the seating capacity and visibility of the space.  The Multipurpose Room will accommodate in excess of 150 people for large scale events and lectures. It will also be sub-dividable into two spaces of either 75 individual seats or 60 tabled seats. 

For more information about the project, please contact Kelly Bertrand (kbertran@uoguelph.ca).