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New Workshop Designed with Theses and Dissertation Supervisors in Mind

A new workshop designed to engage with faculty about research-driven ways to approach mentorship and feedback is scheduled for Oct. 3, 2018. Research has shown that graduate students view feedback from their supervisors and committee members as critical to their successes with theses and dissertations—and not just with the content they are writing about, but with the actual writing and writing process as well. Providing feedback can be challenging, however, as it is a time-consuming and at times frustrating process. To help with this, Sarah Gibbons, writing specialist at the library and Tommy Mayberry, educational developer at OpenEd have created this workshop! 

At this workshop, we will:

  • Draw on research from writing studies and the scholarship of teaching and learning 
  • Discuss effective approaches to mentoring and supporting graduate students  
  • Offer strategies for providing effective feedback under time constraints 
  • Identify tools for graduate students (and you!) to use during the feedback process

Share ideas, successes, and failures with one another as we work toward embodying and sustaining effective thesis and dissertation pedagogy processes at U of G 

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