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We’re looking for you to join us this year by engaging in further discussions about all things open. While universities share a common mission in the creation and dissemination of knowledge, the paths they choose to disseminate that knowledge are not always open. The purpose of this initiative is to spark conversations about what open means at the University of Guelph—and what it could mean moving forward. 

In February 2002, the Budapest Open Access Initiative gave the name “open access” to the free sharing of peer-reviewed research and literature on the Internet. Since then, scholars, research funders, governments, librarianssome publishers, and students have worked to transform the system of scholarly communication. They’ve worked to pull away from a closed, paywalled system dominated by expensive journal subscriptions to one that takes full advantage of the Internet for open, effective research dissemination. 

Open has gone beyond making scholarly articles open access to include the following:

  • Data
  • Science
  • Government
  • Notebooks
  • Research infrastructure
  • Peer-review
  • Monographs
  • Textbooks
  • Educational resources
  • Knowledge
  • Software

So, what’s next? We want you to become a part of the discussion! We’d love to hear:

  • Is “open” important to your work?  Why/Why not?
  • What are the barriers you face toward achieving “open”?
  • How could the university better support you in making your work open?
  • I'm #OpenAtUofG because... 
  • I’d like to talk about #OpenAtUofG in terms of…

Tag us on Twitter @uglibrary and use the hashtag #OpenAtUofG to join the conversation. 

Interested in hosting a conversation? Contact us via email at library@uoguelph.ca.

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