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Guide for Time Management

From procrastination to scheduling and everything in between, we've got your time management needs covered.  These short yet pithy articles are targeted to the persistent or recurring time planning challenges that irritate students from first year to grad school.  

Please note that a Guide for Time Management is transitioning from its former Flash format to something bigger and better.  In the meantime, all the content is available here in PDF.

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Before You Begin

Time Management Introduction (PDF - 106kb)

Analyze Your Need for Structure (PDF - 179kb)

Can You Relate to These Issues? (PDF - 102kb)

Coping with a 12-week Semester (PDF - 346kb)

Is Change Possible? (PDF - 145kb)


Controlling Procrastination

Bandaid Solutions (PDF - 100kb)

Death By Deadline (PDF - 100kb)

Effective Procrastination (PDF - 88kb)

Getting Started: Just Do It (PDF - 110kb)

Understanding Procrastination (PDF - 145kb)

Planning Your Time

Break It Up and Spread It Out  (PDF - 90kb)

Coping With Information-Heavy Courses (PDF -  85kb)

Coping with Multiple Deadlines (PDF - 107kb)

Creating a Master Plan (PDF - 120kb)

Finding Your Best Time of Day (PDF - 141kb)

Flexible Time (PDF - 88kb)

Getting The Big Picture (PDF - 85kb)

Goal Setting  (PDF - 110kb)

Making A Task List

Staying on Track

20 Ways For Playing Catch-Up (PDF - 140kb)

Breaks and Rewards (PDF - 140kb)

Coping with Burnout? (PDF - 110kb)

Having Fun Effectively (PDF - 84kb)

Issues with Concentration (PDF - 133kb)

Managing Distractions (PDF - 120kb)

Time Effective Writing Strategies (PDF - 90kb)

Using Weekday Time Effectively (PDF - 105kb)

Using Weekend Time Effectively (PDF - 95kb)