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Writing Resources & Workshops

Writing Services offers free, confidential writing appointments to University of Guelph students (undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral), faculty, and visiting scholars. We can help you organize and structure writing projects, provide feedback on drafts, answer questions about writing in specific disciplines or genres, and much more. Your development as a writer is an ongoing process, whether you are writing your first university paper, completing your doctoral dissertation, or writing a research article for publication.

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Our writing resources (guides, templates, and videos) are designed to help academic writers at various stages of their writing process. Some of the topics include grammar, style, citations, plagiarism, literature reviews, lab reports, and much more. This collection also includes resources to help writers in their pre-writing and revising stages because writing and research is an iterative process.


Writing Services offers a variety of workshops and programs that are designed to help improve academic writing. 

Writing workshops in the classroom:

We assist instructors with incorporating writing skills and assignments into their courses. This fall 2020, rather than fulfilling requests for customized in-class workshops, we have developed online workshop modules on popular topics that you can integrate into Courselink sites, lecture materials, or course resources. Workshop modules, PowerPoint slides, handouts, and templates are now available on the self-registration CourseLink site "Online Instruction Resources from the Library."

Writing workshops in the library:

Find all library workshop descriptions on our Workshops page. Browse all upcoming workshops and register by visiting our Events and Workshops Calendar.

Academic Writing Style

Academic Writing Style is offered in the fall and winter semesters and is open to all graduate and undergraduate students, postdoctoral fellows, visiting scholars, faculty, and staff. These workshops are offered in two parts; each is a 3-hour workshop designed to help participants at all levels improve their ability to write academically. Part One: Paragraphs & Sentences focuses on writing cohesive paragraphs and crafting and connecting effective sentences. Part Two: Words & Word Choice focuses on eliminating wordiness and improving clarity. 

Brain Food

Brain Food is a series of workshops which teach graduate students effective ways to approach their research, writing, and data analysis. Undergraduate students who are writing an Undergraduate Honours Thesis may also attend.

English Language Support

English Language Support designed specifically for degree-level students, postdoctoral fellows, visiting scholars, faculty, and staff with English as an additional language (EAL). EAL workshops include:

  • EAL Graduate Writing Camp
  • Pronunciation Group
  • Talk like an Academic
  • Write like an Academic

Dissertation Boot Camp

Dissertation Boot Camp is a one-week program designed to help graduate students develop effective writing skills and habits to help them finish their theses or dissertations in a timely manner.

Writing in the Sciences

Writing in the Sciences is a workshop series designed to help graduate students improve their scientific writing skills. Students can attend one session or attend them all. Writing in the Sciences is offered in the fall and winter.

Writing Tune-Up

Writing Tune-up is a two-day program providing grammar instruction each semester for all levels of writers. This workshop is excellent both for improving your own writing skills and for providing more effective feedback on your students’ writing as TAs or faculty. Participants can attend one day or attend both. Writing Tune-up is offered in the fall, winter, and summer. 

The Writing Room

(Closed until further notice.) Located in Room 113 on the first floor of the library, The Writing Room is a space designed for writers of any level to find quiet and comfort away from the busy happenings of campus. This room is equipped with six desks and is available for all faculty, visiting scholars, and students at U of G. To reserve a desk or for more information, see the Writing Room schedule on WCOnline.

Writing Rooms Online

Join our online writing rooms on Microsoft TEAMS and be a part of the University of Guelph writing community. Stay motivated to work on your writing projects by writing in the company of others. Rooms are open Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 10:00pm for all faculty, visiting scholars, and students at University of Guelph. For more information, see the Writing Rooms ONLINE schedule on WCOnline.

Services for faculty & instructors

Writing Services provides individualized support for faculty working on writing projects. Book a consultation with our professional staff to

  • review a grant for clarity and cohesion
  • respond to reviewers’ feedback
  • map the structure of a book proposal
  • organize sections of a chapter
  • create a realistic writing schedule
  • prepare a writing plan for a sabbatical
  • and much more

The Writing Room reserves designated times for faculty only. To reserve a desk and a regular writing time for the semester, see the Writing Room Schedule on WCOnline.

Faculty Writing Retreat

The Faculty Writing Retreat is offered each summer; this week-long retreat is designed for University of Guelph faculty working on scholarly writing projects such as books, book chapters, and journal articles.

Toward a Pedagogy of Effective Thesis and Dissertation Feedback Processes

This workshop for faculty draws on research from writing studies and the scholarship of teaching and learning to discuss effective approaches to mentoring and supporting graduate studies via feedback on their thesis and dissertation projects. This workshop is a collaboration between Writing Services and the Office of Teaching and Learning and is offered in the fall, winter, and spring semesters. To register for this workshop, visit the Library’s Workshops Calendar.

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